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Kinesiske lykkemynter 10 stk Feng Shui


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Kinesiske lykkemynter 10 stk Feng Shui

Chinese feng shui good luck coins set of 10 -- 2.3 cm

The Ten-Emperor good luck coins are wellknown in China for bringing fortune and good luck. These copper coins date back to the times of the ten great emperors during the Qing dynasty (1644-1912), China’s last imperial dynasty. But their meaning goes much deeper than just bringing good luck. They are powerful feng shui tools.

Packed per 10 pieces.
Made in: China.

Feng Shui Chinese Luck Coins
The Ten-Emperor fortune coins are powerful feng shui tools:

  • From the Five Elements, copper belongs to the metal element. Copper is more effective than gold or silver in absorbing energy. So the emperor coins are said to ward off negative energy and evil spirits. Strung together, the 10 coins make a beautiful protection pendant.
  • The shape of the Ten-Emperor Coins balance the sky element (round shape outside) and the earth element (square shape inside). Harmony between earth and sky, brings balance and fortune in this life.
  • Each coin is connected to 1 of the ten emperors of the Qing dynasty, connecting you to their main values:
    Shunzhi – Family
    Kangxi – Life
    Yongzheng – Character
    Qianlong – Business
    Jiaqing – Career
    Daoguang – Future
    Xianfeng – Income
    Tongzhi – Inside and outside reputation
    Guangxu – All phenomena
    Xuantong – Everything is in your own hands

Feng shui placement of the good luck coins
To maximize the effect of the Chinese good luck coins, you can place them in several ways:
1. Make a string with the 10 coins and hang on a wall, accross from the entrance door to keep out negative energy and any problems.
2. Place under the doormat, for the same purpose: it will keep out any problems and bad spirits.
3. Wear a string of 10 emperor coins on your body, to increase wealth, benefit your career and financial situation. A string of emperor coins in the office or on your shop desk can improve your business, bring good luck and prevent (financial) downfall.
4. If there is an unfilled corner in your house or workplace, you can hang a string of coins above it, to prevent energy from getting stuck there.


Feng Shui Lucky Coins

  • Symbol of happiness and wealth creation
  • For the feng shui wealth corner
  • Coins made of brass
  • Chinese Lucky Coins

    From ancient times, the coin in China symbolizes luck and growing prosperity. All is represented in one single coin. 
    A braided band containing coins is a wonderful illustration of how interwoven we are with our destiny and the material world.
    It demonstrates an interaction that simultaneously encourages us to take a closer look at our soul s well being.


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