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Kinnick Kinnick 28 gram


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Kinnick Kinnick 28 gram

Kinnick kinnick is a traditional Native American name for the mixture that is used when smoking the sacred pipe (or peace pipe). Combinations of herbs can vary between different mixtures. It is also acceptable to burn it separately, say in a shell or bowl without a pipe.

We do not recommend kinnick kinnick for minors. Traditionally the smoke is often not inhaled. The most potent symbol is the blowing out of the smoke, carrying your prayers.

Main Ingredients: Willow bark, chamomile and herbs.

They Say: Ceremonial Kinnick Kinnick is the name given to this pipe mixture used to train shamans in the skills of divination and prophecy, it is a pipe blend for special ceremonies. 

Size of Bag: Available in 1/2 ounce (14 grams), or 1 oz (28 grams)

Country of Origin: Colorado & New Mexico, USA

More About the use of Kinnick Kinnick in a Sacred Pipe
The pipe is central to Native American beliefs. It is a tool used to carry the prayers of those who smoke it to Great Spirit. The smoke carries these prayers as they drift upwards. Whole books have been written about the pipe, the most famous being by “The Sacred Pipe” by Black Elk. The pipe was brought to the Native American people by White Buffalo Calf woman. Often a pipe is carried in two halves (the bowl and the stem), one being male and the other female and they are brought together in ceremony. Tobacco or kinnick kinnick can be placed in the bowl and the pipe is often wrapped in a red fabric to protect it physically and energetically. As is common to most Native American ceremonies the pipe any implements are usually smudged before use.

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