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Krystallkule stativ kobber farget


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Krystallkule stativ gullfarget

Stand for crystal spheres copper colour

Copper coloured stand for crystal spheres.

Product specifications

Weight grams 20

Material Brass

Colour Copper

Size cm 2x3

Definitely, one of the most important and best known magic utensils is the Crystal ball for the sake of fortune telling - not only since Harry Potter. Crystal balls have been utilized by generations of fortune-tellers, clairvoyants, media, and magicians, and have acquired a good reputation. They were used to cast a glimpse into "-the other world,"- to get in contact with spiritual beings, or to receive answers to more or less important questions from the past, present, or future.

We considered: What always suited real magicians, cannot be wrong for many others. In any case, a crystal ball is an object which activates the imagination, fascinates, and puts some sort of a spell on us.

However, we leave it up to you if you want to use your ball for wondrous purposes, or simply find it enchanting in an everyday way, and only want to enchant your living area with it.

Notice: Please take into account that your crystal ball can function as a burning lens if you allow the sun to shine directly onto it. So please avoid unsightly encounters with the fire element - take care that your ball isn t exposed to any direct radiation of the sun. Furthermore, avoid scratches on this precious item: let your crystal ball rest on its stand instead of moving the ball to and fro on it.


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