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Kuan Yin - Quan Yin - sitting statuette - white


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Kuan Yin - Quan Yin - sitting statuette - white

She is the embodiment of sympathisement and friendliness, and she will hear the crying of every creature. Quan Yin is also named the Goddess of Mercy (forgiving). She is a virgin goddess who will protect women, she is the patroness of the sea, she will support the ones who ask for her help and will hear every prayer. In the arts Quan Yin is often pictured while holding a twig from the weeping willow, known for its dragging branches, hanging towards the earth, while raindrops are trickling down. One of its distinctive features is that it remains green all year long, perhaps referring to the fertility aspect of the Goddess, who in statues always is depicted with a babe in arms.

Material: mixture of white alabaster with resin.

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  • Dimensions±12 cm

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  • Spirituality
        > Buddha Statues


Kuan Yin is a Saint of the East. She stands for charity and mercy. The myths report that many thousands of years ago she could have ascended into the Ocean of Infinity. But she let her view wander back to Earth and her feeling of compassion with human pain caused her to come back so long as there is suffering.



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