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Learning tarot spreads - Joan Bunning

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Learning tarot spreads - Joan Bunning

Tarot is considered to be a powerful and accurate window into the unknown. 78 pieces of colored card stock filled with archetypal images from the subconscious mind, divided and organized in harmony with the mystic mathematics of the Holy Qabalah, the Tarot's is beauty, and it is in beauty that eternal Truth is revealed. This work is a veritable encyclopedia of Tarot spreads which will thrill the novice with possibilities and inspire veteran Tarotists to break out of their ruts. Chapters include specific spreads for questions relating to relationships, family matters, career, money, health, and perhaps the most often queried subject for Tarot readings, love.

Each tarot reader also has a unique style, and what sets Joan Bunning apart is her ability to take a rather complicated esoteric system and break it down into manageable, clear, and easily learned parts. This book contains chapters on relationships, family, love, money, health, work, and more.

180 pages
Joan Bunning has worked as a writer, computer programmer, and website developer. In 1995, she launched the Learning the Tarot website,, an Internet-based course in learning to read the cards, which includes sample readings, card explanations, and other tarot-related material. Bunning lives with her husband and two sons in Virginia.


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