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Life Is Calling… - Stephanie J. King


Life Is Calling… - Stephanie J. King

INCREASE PERFORMANCE - OPTIMISE RESULTS - REACH TARGETS AND GOALS - WITHOUT AN INCREASE IN EFFORT FROM YOU. Each day is a new day. It is another chance to create, to make a difference, to redraw and define who you are and what you do. How you live, interact and connect with daily life means everything - for all the achievements you'll take with you back to Spirit - as your contribution to life, physicality and time. Written like a deck of cards ¬- but in book form, Life is Calling was channelled by Spirit as a direct interchange through everyday events, traumas, thoughts, situations and obstacles. Nothing happens by chance, everything therefore contains a reason - find that reason to productively connect, communicate, be inspired, acknowledged, understood and fully recognised. Link and work directly with life's own creative forces. Interact with Source - as if being taken by the hand - so pure data, insights, inspiration, hunches and extrasensory information can filter through. Grow in confidence, love better, and feel freer, happier and healthier than in years as you move through life. Perfect for busy life styles, this powerful book will help and guide you to change much for the better, as you access the higher truths that lie within you. Use it for self improvement, empowerment, and to gain renewed confidence which will help you to attain your life goals. Love, work, family and home - the results will be immediate and immense. Life is Calling is 'on target' with the guidance it gives ... STEPHANIE J. KING, also author of And So It Begins, is a member of several spiritual/ healing associations. She is internationally known and recognised as a gifted healer, counsellor, transformational life coach, speaker, healing medium and teacher with many years experience.