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Lysholder Triple Moon for Ritual Spell Candle


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Lysholder Triple Moon for Ritual Spell Candle

Triple Moon Spell Candle Holder - Lysestake for Rituelle Spell (trylleformel) stearinglys  

This triple moon candle holder is perfectly sized for holding a single spell candle whilst it burns during casting. Designed by us and exclusive to our bestselling Black Magic range of gothic gifts. Our range of beeswax candles may not fit inside our spell candle holders as they are hand rolled and vary slightly in size.

  • Material MDF
  • Size H1.5cm x W10.5cm x D5.2cm

Denne trippelmåne lysestaken har en perfekt størrelse for å holde et enkelt rituelt stavlys mens den brenner under ritualer.  Designet for vårt bestselgende Black Magic-sortiment av gotiske gaver. Vårt utvalg av bivokslys passer kanskje ikke inn i stavelysestakene våre, da de er håndrullet og varierer litt i størrelse.


Perfect for any ritual or spell work with our Ritual Spell Candles. These are meant to be charged with your intention, and burnt down completely. Your Ritual Spell Candles will arrive cleansed and as a clean slate for you, packed in a plastic bag, and handled with care and respect.

Typically a caster will write down their intent on a piece of paper the same colour as the candle and burn the paper in a fire safe bowl. The candle needs to be burned completely for the spell to be completed.

Black: Balance, Protection, Truth, Divination, Absorbing Energies, Stability, Binding, Manifestation, Accepting Limits, Overcoming Obstacles, Material Gain, Sacrifice 

Colours have both unique vibrational energy, chakra, and elemental associations as well as deep symbolic meaning across different cultures around the world. Because of this, colour correspondences can also be very subjective... Our preferences and reactions to colour largely depend on personal experience. It is more important in any magical or ritual work that the colours you are engaging with have personal meaning for you, rather than using one because it "should" be used for the desired outcome of your candle spell work. If this list of energetic properties suggests one colour, but that simply doesn't feel right for YOUR spell or ritual, you should not use it regardless of what this or any other chart tells you. Choose whichever colour feels best for you, for your unique spell and needs, to get the best results.

Examples of colour meanings, but the 9 candles in this set are shown on photo


White: Protection, Safety, Enlightenment, Inviting Guides or Spirits, Connection to your Higher Self, Transformation, Freedom, Focus, Initiation, Health

Black: Balance, Protection, Truth, Divination, Absorbing Energies, Stability, Binding, Manifestation, Accepting Limits, Overcoming Obstacles, Material Gain, Sacrifice 

Red: Passion, Fire, Strength, Power, Motivation, Desire, Ambition, Business Deals, Confrontation, Courage, Self Esteem

Green: Prosperity in matters of the heart, Finances, Increasing Trust, Rebirth, Career, Money, Employment, Fertility, Courage to Change, Relationship stability, Partnerships, New Beginnings, Grounding, Artistic Abilities, Luxury, Social Activity

Pink: Self Love, Romance, Friendship, Passion, Partnerships, Sexual Energy, Action, New Beginnings, Honor, Femininity, Compassion

Orange: Relieving Depression, Sealing Spells, Increasing Opportunities, Mental Alertness, Kindness, Harvest, Strength, Dominance, Legal Matters, Happiness

Yellow: Healing, Friendship, Productivity, Creativity, Self Esteem, Humility, Intellect, Removing Negative Thoughts, Sun Energy

Gold: Money, Luck, Wealth, Prosperity

Blue: Patience, Wisdom, Wealth, Joy, Calming the Mind, Finding Peace, Learning and Growth, Introspection, Removing Confusion, Clarity, Forecasting, Finding Truth

Purple: Clairvoyance, Emotional Pain Release, Spiritual Protection, Increasing Psychic Powers, Communication with Spirits, Intelligence, Memory, Ambition, Forgiveness, Healing Wounded Pride

Silver + Grey: Psychic Awareness, Divination, Secrets, Finding Hidden Thoughts

Brown: Security, Generosity, Strengthening, Solidifying, Decision Making, Concentration, Telepathy, New Beginnings, Finding Lost Things, Animals, Grounding


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