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Magisk Kosteskaft - Triple Moon Mini Magick Broomstick


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Magisk Kosteskaft - Triple Moon Mini Magick Broomstick

Attract luck and positive energy with this mini magic broomstick. Perfect in size for using on a mini altar, displaying on kitchen shelf, keeping at a desk, or taking on the go for extra positivity. Features text that reads, 'A sweep a day brings luck your way. Use this lucky little broom to sweep away negativity and bring good fortune into your home' and a silver tone pentagram charm. Presented in a black box perfect for display and gifting.
The Triple Moon symbolises the waxing, full and waning moon which represents the aspects of mother the maiden and the crone
Part of the Black Magic range of witchy gifts and homeware.
New Home Gift,
for A Witch,
Occult Decor,
White Witchcraft,
Good Luck,
Banish Evil
MaterialWood and Natural Grasses
H11cm x W8cm x D3cm
gift for:
Wicca lover


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