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Magiske Pentagram smykker - Dobbelt Pentagram anheng


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Magiske Pentagram smykker - Dobbelt Pentagram anheng

Two Pentagrams, one upright and one inverted, represent the duality of nature, dark and light, ever in flux. As a magickal Yin-Yang this Pentagram can be empowered to support any magickal purpose.

the Magickal Pentagrams in this range are carved from English pewter

Each is provided also with an attractive gift box and an 18″ chain.

Measures: 30mm (35mm to top of chain bale)


Esoteric Jewellery


The Power of Stars


The pentagram gives us the image of a person standing upright and is a symbol for harmony between the five elements of earth, air, fire, water, and ether. It is one of the oldest protection symbols - it vitalizes and strengthens the aura field.



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