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Meditasjonsbenk - Meditation Stool Flower of Life


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Meditasjonsbenk - Meditation Stool Flower of Life


Meditation stool Flower of Life ;
Stable meditation stool with 3 cm thick wooden plates of mango wood. A 16 cm high flower of life is engraved on the seat to support meditation.
meditation stool flower of life H: 15 cm, L: 40 cm, B: 18 cm ca 1,5 kg

  • For those who do not like to sit cross-legged
  • Ergonomic stool with Flower of life engraved in support of the meditation
  • Mangowood

Meditation Bench
For everyone who does not like to sit cross-legged. On this ergonomically formed little bench, the legs are bent backwards. Thus, sitting comfortably is possible over longer periods of time yet the spinal column stays straight. 
The legs of the bench are stuck into a join without screws and can easily be taken off so that the bench can be taken to meditation lessons. 


A Centered Mind

There are many ways to center the mind.

Meditation is the central path, exercise, and aim.

Eventually, spirit does not need anything but itself.

Still many things in the outside world might be helpful to remind us and to rediscover this knowledge.

In order to find some peace and balance in our fast-moving and hectic times, more and more people engage in meditation and yoga. The training of our perception and awareness leads to more calmness, deeper inner peace and can free us of a number of illnesses. More and more scientists recommend awareness meditations and yoga exercises in the struggle against burn-outs and mental blockades.
With our new line, we want to support this approach and offer the necessary equipment to everyone who decides to try it.


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