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Meditation, Prayer & Affirmations - Edgar Cayce

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Meditation, Prayer & Affirmations - Edgar Cayce

Perhaps more than any other advice offered in the Edgar Cayce readings, meditation, prayer, and the use of spiritual affirmations were given as tools for personal attunement and enlightenment.

The Cayce readings were one of the first sources in the Western hemisphere to consistently recommend meditation to individuals from every religious background. The Cayce readings on prayer advance the ecumenical “Oneness” nature of prayer and discuss the workings and vibrations of this integral tool for personal attunement and spiritual healing. The Cayce readings frequently extol the extraordinary power of affirmations with the philosophy that “mind as the builder” and the premise that personal co-creation is empowered by that which the mind dwells upon. In other words, what one continues to think, one eventually becomes.

In Cayce's worldview, the end result of soul development is that all individuals will eventually realize their true spiritual nature, therein raising their own personal vibration and consciousness to become a channel of healing to others. No goal is loftier, but none is so worthy as to fulfill ones purpose in helping others.

  •  Paperback | 200 pages
  •  140 x 216 x 10.16mm


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