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Moonlit Taj - Bina Mehta/Pranav Mehta

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Music composed by Pranav Mehta Arranged & conducted by Ashit Desai Featuring Pt. Ronu Majumdar (flute), Sunil Das (sitar), Atul Raninga (keyboard), Chintu Singh (guitar), & Alap Desai (tabla) Singers Bina and Pranav Mehta evoke the exotic colors of India as they perform ghazals (traditional songs) that touch upon love's many shades - from coy flirtation to deep passion. The flowing rhythms of tabla and the gentle strains of sitar and flute, merge with contemporary instrumentation to portray these intimate musical conversations with one's beloved.


Ghazals, romantic songs from India, often sing of both interpersonal and divine love. This album from Bina & Pranav Mehta included both. Intertwined vocals from the artists are melded with bright melodies performed on traditional Indian instruments. The colorful sounds give the music a bit of a Bollywood feel. --By Dan Cowan - Music Design / InReview June 20, 2008

The folks at Canyon Records have started a new venture-The Canyon Explorer Series. This series, I am told, includes world music as well as, classical music performed by Native American musicians. My ears welcome both projects.

The recordings, Moonlit Taj and Cosmic Dawn by Indian classical vocalists, Bina & Pranav Mehta launch this new series.Moonlit Taj features one of my favorite Indian classical genres, Ghazals. For those folks who cannot get enough of Canadian Ghazal singer Kiran Ahluwalia, would also enjoy listening to Pranav and Bina's interpretation of this musical art form.

Backed by classical Indian instruments such as the bansuri flute, sitar, santoor, tabla, dholak and western instruments such as the vibraphone, keyboards, guitar..., the vocalists sing over lush instrumentation. Their vocals, another instrument, contributes heartfelt tenderness and clear tones. Bina and Pranav take turns handling lead vocals and so you can an equal fill of female and male Indian classical vocals. You also get an earful of some of India's hottest musicians such as Pandit Ronu Majumdar (flute). And arranger and conductor Ashit Desai offers a deft hand in the production.

Cosmic Dawn offers us devotional songs called Bhajans. These are musical offerings to a deity or deities. Similar instrumentation appears on this CD and it too is arranged and conducted by Ashit Desai (a mentor or Pranav). Again the vocals are superb and might just take listeners to new heights.

Canyon Records is off to a good start with this series. It will be interesting to hear what comes down the pike next. --By Moon Child - The Whole Music Experience - Aug. 17, 2008

Track Listings

1. Allah Hi Allah
2. Aansuon Ke Saath
3. Vaade Pe
4. Kabhee Yoon Bhi
5. Kabhee Kisiko
6. Savere
7. Muddat Mein
8. Chupke Se
9. Koi Kaantaa
10. Patthar


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