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Morning Star - Sage 200 sticks - Nippon Kodo Røkelse


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Morning Star - Sage 200 sticks - Nippon Kodo Røkelse

Salvie har en frisk og rensende duft og er kendt fra indianske og shamanistiske ritualer. Med denne fine Morning Star røgelse fås den for første gang i den høje japanske røgelseskvalitet.

Morning Star Sage Incense

Morning Star Sage incense is a fresh, green and herbal fragrance. Thanks to its cleaning properties, it’s a clean and uplifting aroma. 

Sage incense is great to use on its own, or you could try mixing it with other incense from the Morning Star range. For example, try creating your own fragrance combination by burning it alongside woody scents, such as cedarwood or sandalwood.

Morning Star has been a consistent worldwide best selling incense for Nippon Kodo for over 30 years. The Morning Star range has many different aromas and each packet comes with a very small ceramic tile (as can be seen in the photo), in which a stick can be supported while burning. These are useful if you are not concerned about the surface the sticks are burning on.

  • Available in a box of 50 sticks, or box of 200
  • Each Box Includes a Small Ceramic Incense Holder
  • Burn Time Per Stick is Approximately 30 Minutes
  • Each Stick is Roughly 12cm in Length
  • Country of Origin is Vietnam (Made by Nippon Kodo's factory based in Vietnam)

How to Use: Light the tip of the incense stick until it flames. Once the tip is glowing, carefully blow out the flame. Fix into appropriate holder on a heat resistant surface. 

Den mest populære serie

De reneste råvarer.
I 2004 undersøgte Miljøstyrelsen i en stor rapport de forskellige røgelser på det danske marked, og Morning Star røgelsen kom ud med de bedste værdier i alle målingerne.


Our bestseller for daily use. Morning Star has been one of our most wanted incenses for 40 years. Now in 18 different fragrances, in packs with 50 sticks, each with a ceramic holder. Just choose your own favourites! Incense without bamboo core.

Burning time: 25 minutes.


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