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Mountain Stream- Sounds of the Earth

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Mountain Stream- Sounds of the Earth

Imagine the majestic beauty of the mountains, their jagged peaks looming on the horizon; the panoramic splendor of several different natural habitats all visible from one vantage point; the overwhelming sense of solitude and undisturbed harmony… It's these sort of wonders that are captured on MOUNTAIN STREAM. A part of Oreade's "Sounds of the Earth" series, the recording features the vivid sounds of two different mountainous environments. The first track, "The Lowlands," drops the listener near a languidly flowing stream at the foot of a mountain range. The sounds of songbirds and aggressive birds of prey abound on all sides. A journey into "The Highlands" is the focus of the second track, which presents a more briskly flowing stream, distant bird calls and the sounds of rushing winds.

Mountain Stream is an orchestra of undulating river sounds that ,if you listen closely, is an audience in the distance clapping approval of the music of creation with the softly added voices of the mountain birds in agreement. Soothing, relaxing and reminding us of gentle times. 


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