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Oppheng til Swarovski krystaller og solfangere


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Oppheng til Swarovski krystaller og solfangere

Spiral Display, empty

Acryl Spiral Display with 18 holes

Height 60 cm,
diameter from 10 to 20 cm



Kristaller av högsta kvalitet. När solen skiner reflekteras de vackra kristallerna regnbågens alla färger i rummet.

Rainbow Crystals

The light inside a room is an important Yang aspect. Crystals separate the components of white light and the resulting rainbow colors stimulate and build up the Chi, enchanting us.

Rainbow Crystals help to prevent energy loss. If door and window are opposite each other, Rainbow Crystals stabilize and tranquilize. Dead, dark corners of a room can be reactivated with a Rainbow Crystal. In long hallways the Crystals slow down the Sha-Chi. Rainbow Crystals soften edges that have sharp cutting Chi. They radiate without direct sun light, as their potential is always present. Without our being aware of it, they are building up Chi.

Our Rainbow Crystals are from Swarovski.


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