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Orgonite Healingstav - Orgone Faceted Massage Wand Blue Topaz


Orgonite Healingstav - Orgone Faceted Massage Wand Blue Topaz 


  • ca 17cm orgonitt stav med blå topas

  • Topaz strengthens the nerves gives you more confidence and decisiveness. Topaz stands for truth and openness.



    We owe the beautiful clear blue color (Royal Blue) of the massage rod to the gemstone Blue Topaz. Topaz is the stone of communication and focus and therefore a popular stone during studies and exams. It promotes the smooth flow of the 5th chakra (throat): that of self-expression and formulation by enhancing creativity. A positive consequence of this is that the contact with your Higher Self, your intuition, recovers, making it easier to live according to your own values ​​and ideas. This gem also supports your metabolism and the digestive system in its function. Because she helps forgive and let go, she lowers blood pressure and soothes stress-related symptoms that normally affect your nervous system.


    Orgon means life energy (Chi, Ether or Prana). It consists of a combination of crystals, resin and metals. In particular, it contains Herkimer crystal that helps to clean electromagnetic radiation. It cleans and balances energy and harmonizes the Chi in and around us. In addition, orgon converts negative energies into positive and is effective against negative earth rays, spin inversion and electrosmog.



Dictionary Terms Explained

Orgone / Orgonite - Balancing, Spiritual Growth, Reducing Negative Energy 
Orgonite (sometimes known as Organite) is a blend of quartz crystals, metals and resin that is said to balance and harmonize bio-energies such as chi, orgone, reiki energy or prana. There are many other names for this including etheric energy, bio energy, bio magnetic energy, huna energy, astral energy, 4th dimensional energy, life force energy and more. 

An Austrian Psychiatric called Wilhelm Reich researched orgone energy between 1936 and 1940 and suggested that organic materials had the ability to attract and hold orgone energy, whilst non-organic metals similarly attracted and rebelled. Organite products are made from these two principles, and contain a mixture of organic materials (such as resin), plus metal shavings (copper, brass, aluminium curls) and crystals (which are inorganic).

Various benefits of orgonite energy have been reported such as increased energy, a decreased sensitivity to EMF's, improved sleep, plus balancing and spiritual growth. Many choose to keep an orgonite item near to them such as a Pyramid or Sphere as a way of reducing negative energy, and aiding in meditation.


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