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Orgonitt pyramide Hjerte Chakra - 70mm Aventurin Grønn


Orgonitt pyramide Hjerte Chakra - 70mm Aventurin Grønn

Orgonite Pyramid-Heart Green Aventurine 7x7x7 cm

Orgonite pyramids

The shape of the pyramid with its corners and points makes it ideal for attracting and removing energy. This pyramid is provided the Anahata chakra symbol. The 4th chakra is not about yourself but about the other and the unity of all. In order to optimally let your life energy flow through this chakra, breathing exercises are of great importance. It’s located at the heart: Anahata. This energy point plays an important role when you connect to someone else, in the form of relationships and feeling empathy and love. This functional decoration piece has a size of 40 mm.

Green Aventurine

This orgonite angel is filled with the green color of compassion. She encourages empathy and tolerance. This is the stone of the 3rd and 4th chakra and has a positive influence on the heart, the vessels and blood circulation and the blood pressure. For that reason it is a common stone by people with cold hands and feet. These are often the thinkers whose body energy and heat go to the head. That is why Green Aventurine is a promising stone among the worriers. Are you in a negative chaotic environment? This stone relaxes you when you are irritated or in anger. It also works through the skin on the skin itself (anti-inflammatory), bones, teeth and muscles. It protects against electronic smog and is therefore best served in combination with orgonite.

Orgonites and electric smog

Orgonite users believe that energy is transformable. This perspective gives us the chance to purify our environment from negative stimuli by transforming this energy into a salutary power. Orgonite works constantly without the need to unload and charge the stone.



You can place   these pyramids next to devices that emit harmful radiation to balance the   etheric energy. Many people benefit from the orgone energy fighting insomnia   and nightmares by placing the orgonite next to or above the bed. The energy   is attracted because of the organic material of the stone (casting resin) and   then it’s reflected by the inorganic materials (metal). The conversion into a   pure, positive flow is caused by this repetitive process in which the energy   is reordered.


Orgone means life energy (Chi, Prana or Ether.) It’s a mixture of crystals, resin and metal.  It cleanses and balances energy and harmonizes the Chi in and around us. Additionally, orgone transforms negative energies into positive energy and is effective against negative earth rays, spin inversion and electrosmog. The orgone pyramid is specially made to balance energy fields in your living or working space. 
The pyramid can also be put in the pocket of your pants or under a pillow. In order to activate the orgone pyramid to your aura, hold it in your hands for at least 20 seconds.  

Material: glass, resin, gemstone, metals

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