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Path of the Soul Destiny Cards - Cheryl Harnish


Path of the Soul Destiny Cards - Cheryl Harnish

A 44 Card Deck Plus Guidebook

About the Deck
Enjoy the high vibration and loving energy of Path of the Soul, Destiny Cards.

Perfect for both self-counsel and professional readings. These cards create stunning spreads and are extremely easy to read and interpret.

Each card contains an intuitively channeled Fractal Energy Art image, which emanates a unique vibration and meaning. Fractals are one of the “new tools” on the planet today to aid us into Ascension. Experience profound spiritual guidance and insight into your Soul’s purpose, inner gifts and spiritual advancement.

Size of Cards: 8.9 x 12.3cm

About the Author
Cheryl Lee Harnish is a world-renowned intuitive fractal artist and is the creator of the best-selling Path of the Soul, Destiny Cards. Her deck is known not only for its high accuracy, but also for the powerful and inspirational guidance it delivers. Cheryl travels internationally sharing her intriguing discoveries and insights with the world. Her captivating visionary work is opening the hearts and minds of people everywhere.


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