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Postkort- Brian Froud Primrose Faeryl Blank Greeting Card

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Blankt kort- Primrose Faery. Art By Brian Froud. Tree-Free Card.

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Let someone special know your appreciation for them with our range of specific occasional cards.


greeting cards from Leanin Tree. 

The card, printed on tree free paper, Each card measures ca 10 X 15 cm (4 x 6 inches). Each card has a full colour print on the front and a faded image of the print on the inside. Each envelop has a print that complements the card. .

På baksiden av kortet står det:

Primrose Faery

it is said that eating primrosees is a sure way to see faeries because they have the power to make the invisible visible. Let Primrose Faery be your guide into her magical realm. This dainty faery crouches on a toadstool, ready to spring into service.




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