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Radiance - Jaya Lakshmi

Sweetness, serenity and
spirituality are the key ingredients in the music of Jaya Lakshmi. Her chanting
is very organic, and blends perfectly with the uplifting melodies her music
often encompasses. RADIANCE, the Steve Gordon produced follow-up to Lakshmi's
top-selling album SUBLIME, lives up to the luminescent suggestions of its title,
bathing the listener in peaceful, compassionate music with an abundance of heart
and soul. This time around, she opts for a very textured sound that bears a
multi-cultural edge. Former Lost at Last bandmate Deva Priyo brings his Spanish
guitar (and sarod) skills to the table, which imparts the music with a subtle
Mediterranean flavor. Vince McClellan's Native, Celtic and bansuri flute playing
likewise adds color to the mix, as does the cello playing of Nishya
Calkin-Godfrey. The result is another beautiful release from Lakshmi that
continues show her glorious vocal skills.
Item Details
RADIANCE is Jaya Lakshmi’s follow-up to her
popular mantra album SUBLIME, offering more of her trademark compassionate
singing, spiritual themed chants and East-meets-West instrumentations. This time
around, Lakshmi and producer Steve Gordon infuse her music with an added ethnic
edge, including the Spanish guitar and sarod of Deva Priyo.


Featured Artists
Jaya Lakshmi:
vocals, harmonium, guitar, keyboards
Deva Priyo: Spanish
guitar, sarod
Daniel Paul: tabla/and more

Track Listing
Om Purnam • Sri Isopanisad • Giridhari
• Mukunda Madhava • Gurudeva Bol • Jai Ambe • Sita Ram • Shiva Maheshwara • Om


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