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Regnbue Chakra kjede med Swarovski krystaller


Regnbue Chakra kjede med Swarovski krystaller

Rainbow Pendant with chain 42 5cm. With Swarovski Elements

Rainbow Pendant
The rainbow shows the infinite variety that arises from unity. Through this diversity we find the way back to unity. - It is like life itself, colourfully shining, changing and carrying hope within itself.
Pendants as well as earrings are worked in a circle - without beginning and without end .

With Swarovski Elements, ca 22 mm, chain 42 cm


Fashionable Chakra Jewellery

The power of the chakras in a sparkling glittering dress. With countless small crystals, these pieces of jewellery are lit up and shine like stars in the night. Enchanting and beautiful, festive and sublime.

Also with our chakras one speaks of "vortex wheels" or "vibrating wheels". The symbols for the individual chakras can strengthen and re-vibrate this.



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