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Remembering the Future - Colette Baron-Reid

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Remembering the Future - Colette Baron-Reid

The Path to Recovering Intuition

Within each of us is the voice of an inner teacher-guardian that is our link to the unseen world of Soul. Its purpose is to guide and protect us. It allows us an "all-access pass" to the vast arena of Divine intelligence, potential, and power. It is called intuition. We all have it, yet sadly, most people are disconnected from it.

Collette overcame the wounding of gang rape and the alcoholism that started as a 15 year old to develop her extraordinary abilities. Now using her own turbulent yet remarkable life as a narrative, along with fascinating stories from her clients, internationally renowned intuitive counsellor Colette-Baron Reid shares the deeply moving and amazing story of her journey to finally accepting, and exulting in, her extraordinary gift of intuition and foresight

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  •  Paperback | 224 pages
  •  30 x 140 x 10mm 

Review Text

'Colette's not just good, she's the best'
Shelley Von Strunckel, The Independent

Review quote

"'Colette's not just good, she's the best' Shelley Von Strunckel, The Independent"

About Colette Baron-Reid

Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally acclaimed intuitive counsellor with a client base spanning 29 countries. She has facilitated hundreds of her popular seminars and workshops on developing intuition and the art of creating reality worldwide. In addition, she's a highly sought after and powerful motivational speaker, performer, and storyteller; is a popular guest on radio and television throughout the world.


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