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Ring Golden Triangle mineral ring


Esoteric Jewellery

Ring Golden Triangle mineral ring

Golden Triangle mineral ring 

The minerals amethyst, rose quartz and rock crystal form the Golden Triangle. The triangle is a powerful symbol, which plays an important role in various religions and rituals, such as the 'holy trinity'. This symbol is also reflected at the pyramids. It also symbolizes the triangle body, mind and soul. The energies of the minerals connect each other and thereby form a good stable basic energy flow.
Why three stones and a triangle?
Religion and history show that the number of triangles and three people have a special meaning. 
In religion, for example, the Catholic Church: the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.
In humans, the primary needs of life: sleeping, eating and drinking. The life stages of people: children, adults, old, or learning, working, retirement.
Writings such as the Bible often use this number. The triangle as a symbol is reflected in the pyramids. In art, as the basis of character theory, the triangular shape is used.
The effects of the three minerals separately 
The amethyst: With an amethyst you relax easier. The autonomic nervous system is affected very positive. So it relieves stress and tension. The amethyst is also a very good mineral for headaches, including migraines.
Rock crystal: It cleans the energy of space. It has a very good effect on humans, because it can clean the aura. Plants and animals also benefit greatly from rock crystal. The crystal activates, makes 

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