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Rituelt Beger Buddha - Chalice - Goblet


Rituelt Beger Buddha - Chalice - Goblet

Silver Metal Buddha Chalice

This silver metal chalice features a handcarved, seated Buddha design and twisted vine accent along the stem. Symbolic of the goddess' womb, this shining goblet is perfect for holding wine during sacred rituals.

This chalice will add a charm of the old world to a table or altar.

  • Dimensions H20cm x W11cm x D5cm
  • Material Metal and Brass

Goblet / Chalice
Goblets are symbolising the human s female site. Several times our inner goblet is sealed through many injuries - the task of people is to release these sealing thus the female power of goddess can circulate without any hindrance. Through pulling a bell, rituals can be started and stopped. Because of the pulling negative energies are roused and banned. For this reason rituals can be executed without any interference

The chalice's stem has a molded sculptured design which adds a splash of elegance to the cups overall appeal.
This chalice will add a touch of old world charm to any table or altar.

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