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Røkelse Beskyttelse mot Electrosmog - Against electrosmog Powerf


Røkelse Beskyttelse mot Electrosmog - Against electrosmog Powerful Incense Powerful Burning

Again to electrosmog
Helps to reduce electrosmog when smoking. Reduces tension situations such as disputes or internal tensions.
Content: royal candle, mastic, sandarac, schungite, anise, eucalyptus, St. John s wort and others.
content of the jar: 60 ml

Whether negative flood of thoughts, disharmonies, disease spirits or low beings - these foreign energies may not always be directly visible to us. Nevertheless, they are present and can affect us. With incense you can successfully dissolve them, so that we can go our way freely and self-determined again.

WARNING - This product has german lables only.

The history of burning incense is as old as mankind itself.
In those distant times the connection to nature was still very intense. Our ancestors found out very quickly what power some plants release when they smoke and how deeply the scent of the smoking substances has an effect in them.
Fragrances continue to influence and direct us much more than we consciously notice. Fragrance is closely linked to our perception and our emotional body. Some herbs have the power to take us out of emotional depths, to process mental pain and to let go. Others stimulate our senses, even our sensuality.
With smoking we can cleanse and protect ourselves ethereally - even disease-spirits can be chased away. The plant kingdom is a heavenly gift for us humans and especially during the transformation by fire to smoke a small miracle happens every time, which also transforms us ourselves.

Our ;Powerful Smoking ; incense mixtures consist of up to 12 different components. This variety combines the most powerful herbs and resins that are precisely matched to the desired effect. Contents of the jars 60 ml




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