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Røkelse - Priory Frankincense Resin


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Røkelse - Priory Frankincense Resin

Weight: Weight of the incense about 60 grams.

Comes with five charcoal tablets in the packet.

Priory incense is just frankincense by itself.

Whereas other blends from Prinknash Abbey contain a blend of oils and herbs.


Frankincense is perhaps best known for its role in Christmas stories, where it was a gift carried by one of the three kings in the Bible. Frankincense originates from Africa, where it comes from boswellia trees. Frankincense resin is light in colour and produces a dense fragrance when burnt.


Prinknash Abbey is a community of twelve Benedictine monks. They live a life of monastic prayer, work, sacred reading, community life and hospitality, all of which are based on a beautiful estate of 400 acres. Prinknash is an old community, and after many wanderings eventually settled in Prinknash Park in 1928.

The community makes sacred incense which is exported to churches in the USA, South America and Australia and all around the world. When you smell these resin incense blends they will often bring to mind the sacred and prayerful atmosphere in churches, abbeys and cathedrals.

The monks have developed unique processes for blending the purest Arabian frankincense with precious aromatic oils and spices and created superior recipes for a range of incenses. The blends are made from long established and very secret recipes. Decades of care in the blending of these incenses have ensured their excellence and constant demand.



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