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Røkelsespinner Furu - Swiss Stone Pine wood incense sticks


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Røkelsespinner Furu - Swiss Stone Pine wood incense sticks

The Swiss stone pine is one of the oldest tree species on our earth. The mighty Swiss stone pine grows up to 25 meters high and grows mainly in the high mountains of the Alps. That is why it is also called the queen of the Alps. It is a gift from heaven and has many benefits for us humans.
Swiss stone pine is rich in essential oils and resin and has a wonderful effect on our body, our soul and our spirit. It clarifies and cleans the environment, helps us to gain inner clarity and dissolves confused thoughts.
Swiss stone pine supports a deep, restful sleep and helps our body to relax and recover. In the living room it spreads a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. In the kitchen it removes unpleasant odours and keeps insects away. In wardrobes it drives away moths.

Our Swiss stone pine wood incense sticks are made of 100% natural substances.
The Swiss stone pine wood and oil for our incense sticks comes from Austria.

net content per package: 10 g


Usage incense

Plant the incense stick somewhere where it stands firmly, such as a bowl with rice or earth or use an incense holder. Light the tip of the stick with a match or lighter and wait until it ignites. You can leave it on for about 10 seconds and the flame will probably extinguish itself, if not: blow it out gently. The cinder will continue to glow red, so you know that the incense is burning. If it becomes axle gray, light it again. The odor is almost immediately released together with the smoke.

It’s the safest to burn the incense in a specially designed incense holder. Do not have a holder yet but you would like to purchase one? In the collection of Mystic Dreamer you will find countless incense holders/plates and incense boxes that are suitable for to use. These can be found in different colors, themes and different material types, for example from (mango) wood and aluminum to metal or copper.



NB! Det er den minste esken på bildene, ca 10 gr.  


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