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Rudraksha Karma Pendulum 7g with Silver-Plated tip

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Rudraksha Karma Pendulum 7 g with Silver-Plated tip


The seeds of the Rudraksha trees are traditionally used for prayer beads to sanctify the body, mind and soul. They are also called Shiva's tears. This pendulum is considered to be the only one to answer questions about your Karma. The Rudraksha berry is held in a silver-plated holder with a tip. It comes with a removable silver-plated chain and a bead at the top. Good for dowsing with charts. The shape of the pendulum is round with tipThe pendulum itself measures approximately 3.75 cm.Length of the chain is approximately 18 cm Pendulum weighs approximately 7 grams.


Measuring fine energies

A big variety of pendulums, divining rods, and tensors gives us the opportunity to receive precise and useful information out of the deep layers of knowledge and perception.


NB! Poser til dine pendler finner du her : Krystall poser og utstyr og bøker om penduleing og annen spådomskunst finner du her: Spådomsbøker




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