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Satya Black Crystal Incense Røkelse


Satya Black Crystal Incense Røkelse

Satya Nag Champa Black Crystal Incense Sticks 15g

Satya black crystal smoker flora incense is a good luck charm. The black crystal incense mixture supports the amplification of their vibration frequency and promotes a positive attitude, regardless of the circumstances in which they are. This incense can be used to detoxify the atmosphere and protect your aura. Decorate your house now with personally selected divine fragrances. A great alternative to fragrance oils or candles.
Satya  Incense sticks are prepared with pure powder, aromatic herbs and essential oils. Dough of these materials in hand rolled on thin bamboo sticks which ensures minimal smoke and pleasant atmosphere. Sticks are free from any toxic substances. This spiritually significant aroma is especially formulated for prayers and meditation. It cleans refreshes and creates a soothing peaceful environment.

Always use incense holder/burner when burning an incense to avoid fire risk. Never leave home when an incense is burning! Never leave burning incense unattended!

15 gr  (ca 15-20 sticks)


Eco friendly, recycled packaging.

From the Shrinivas Sugandhalaya factory in Bangalore.
Hand rolled in India using pure extracts and finest quality scented oils, Satya Incense is world renowned for its superior fragrances.


The Nag Champa perfume was originally manufactured in the Hindu and Buddhist monasteries of India and Nepal. It is traditionally made from a sandalwood base, to which are added a variety of flower oils – including that from the flower of the Champac tree. Each monastery has its own secret formula which is revealed to no-one outside the order! The sacred tree belongs to the magnolia family, and grows to about 30m in height. Its flower is yellow and star-shaped, and as well as being the source of the perfume, also gives a yellow dye. Frequently planted in temple grounds, the wood is used for making sacred images, drums, etc.

And from those beginnings has grown a whole family of Nag Champa inspired varieties of incense, each one notable in its own right.


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