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Satya Dragon's Blood Backflow Dhoop Cones


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Satya Dragon's Blood Backflow Dhoop Cones


Meet the wonderfully soft and sweet scent ‘superhit’. This fragrance from Satya owes its name to the velvety, exciting aroma. This scent resembles the famous nag

Dragon’s blood is a powerful scent. Despite the name dragon blood, the scent is fresh and invigorating. The scent Dragon's blood appeals to the imagination of many spiritual people and is used worldwide for rituals. With these backflow cones from Satya you will experience an intense dragon blood fragrance experience. Backflow cones are specially designed for an incense waterfall.

Satya Backflow Dhoop Cones infused with Dragon's Blood oil.  

Dragon's Blood has a mystical story, it was believed to be the blood of dragons who had died in combat, most likely due to its natural red pigment, reminiscent of the colour of blood. It has a distinct, slightly sweet, yet earthy fragrance. It is actually dried resin from rare trees found in India and Indonesia. It is highly popular in ritual and spell casting work, believed to add potency to other ritual herbs, oils and resins. It is used for healing, protection and banishing of negative energies and spirits.


What are backflow incense cones and how do they work?

Backflow cones are specially designed for a backflow burners, also called ‘waterfall burners’. Yet the difference between regular cones and backflow cones is not that big. The main difference is that there is a tunnel in the middle of backflow cones. As soon as you light the cone, the air in the opening remains relatively cool. Cool air drops instead of rises, causing the smoke to go down. The smoke is then gracefully led down by the backflow waterfall burner.

So no chemicals have been added to backflow cones for the beautiful effect. However, some more makko powder (tree bark) has been added to the cones, making them smoke more intensively. As a result, they burn a little faster, but a relatively large amount of scent is released.


About the smell of dragon’s blood

Dragon’s blood is a name that stays with you because it evokes so many associations. The scent comes from the dragon tree (Dracaena draco). This plant grows in the Canary Islands, Cape Verde and Madeira. The tree can become very big, but grows slowly. It is nowhere to be found in the wild.

In the past, the dragon tree played an important role in the rituals of the Guanches (the original inhabitants of the Canary Islands). They attributed medicinal properties to the resin and used it in all kinds of rituals.


The Satya brand

Satya is one of the best known incense brands. With Satya incense you know that you are always in the right place in terms of quality and ingredients. Satya incense is made by hand in Bangalore, India. Only natural ingredients such as tree bark, resin, herbs and essential oil are used. Because of the traditional ingredients, you can smell the real scents of India.


Burn dragon blood backflow cones

You can burn backflow cones like all other cones, but you light them at the top of a waterfall burner. Light the cone, blow out the flame and enjoy the scent with a spectacular effect.

The fresh dragon's blood backflow cones are a great gift idea for fragrance lovers. Satya has many more other fragrances to choose from.


Order Satya Dragon’s blood backflow cones

In addition to the scent of dragon’s blood, we have many other backflow cones in our Satya collection. We also sell various backflow stands, or waterfall burners


I motsetning til de 'normale' røkelseskeglene har tilbakestrømningskeglene et hult indre, hvor røyken strømmer nedover. Dette gir en magisk fossefalleffekt som i tillegg til den fine lukten også er vakker å se på. Effekten oppnås bare i kombinasjon med en spesiell røkelseholder, som vi også selger, se linken nedenfor.



These incense cones can be used along with a backflow burner to create impressive smoke flow displays. Goloka have been creating quality incense for over 16 years and part of their proceeds are given to charitable causes that help to provide meals for underpriviledged children and providing vocational training and scholarships. Please note that it is normal for backflow cones to take up to 10 minutes to create a smoking/mist effect when used with a backflow burner.

After burning backflow cones it is normal for a light oily residue to appear on the oil burner, for this reason we recommend protecting any furniture it is placed upon suitably. The residue can be easily wiped off the burner with a damp cloth. Please exercise caution when burning incense.


NB!  Brennere er ikke inkludert i pakken!  Kun vist som illustrasjon, kan bestilles her . Aromaburner NOT included in Packaging


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