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Satya Dragon's Blood Dhoop Cones - kjegle røkelse


Satya Dragon's Blood Dhoop Cones - kjegle røkelse

Dragons Blood is derived from the blood red resin from the fruit of multiple species of palm tree. It's known to be an incredibly powerful ingredient to include in any kind of ritual or spell work. Dragons Blood is particularly useful in driving away negative or evil energies. It's also known to be good for love spells and can be used to enhance potency in the bedroom.

Satya Cone Incense

  • Scent: Dragon's Blood
  • Burn Time: Approx. 30 Minutes
  • Cone Size: 1"
  • Packaging: 12 cones per pack
  • Hand Made in India

One 12 cone box.

Each cone will burn for about 25-30 minutes each

Each smaller box comes with a stand for the cones.


From the makers of the popular Sai Baba Nag Champa comes their Dragon's Blood Incense Dhoop Cones. 

Traditionally hand rolled and made with a mixture of natural oils, herbs & resins. 

A small box contains 12 cones and a metal stand to burn the cones on. 

Burn Time Per Cone: About 25-30 Minutes

Country of Origin: India 

How to Use
Simply place a cone of the small incense stand provided, light the tip of the cone until it burns, wait 2-3 seconds and then blow out the flame to release the aroma. If you cone doesn't start to smoke straight away, light the tip again and repeat the process, wait a couple of seconds before blowing out again.



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