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Satya Palo Santo Backflow Dhoop Cones


Satya Palo Santo Backflow Dhoop Cones


Palo Santo comes from South America and has a wonderfully sweet woody scent. Palo santo is also called "holy wood", because this type of wood is traditionally loved by a lot of different kinds of rituals. For lovers of woody scents, the palo santo fragrance is often a favorite. The scent is perfect for meditation and for dispelling negative thoughts. Backflow incense cones can be burned on special backflow burners.


What are backflow cones and how do they work?

Backflow incense cones do not differ that much from ordinary cones. The main difference is that in backflow cones there is a tunnel in the middle. The air in this opening stays cooler once you have lit the cone. Cool air drops, causing the smoke to flow down from the cone instead of up. This is how you create the special effect of the incense waterfall.

Backflow cones smoke a bit more to enhance the effect of a waterfall.

At Eastern Trading you can find backflow burners in all kinds of different designs. In addition to Satya palo santo cones, you can also find many other backflow cones with us.


The palo santo fragrance

Palo santo is a typical woody scent. The wood smells so nice that it is also sold in pure form. The scent is sweet, and has a soft pleasant acid undertone. The scent is comparable with sandalwood.

Palo Santo comes from the Bursera Graveolens. This tree grows in Peru, on the Galapagos Islands and in Ecuador. The wood used to be used by the Incas to dispel bad spirits. Today, holy wood is known worldwide for its scent and its mood-promoting effect.


About the Satya brand

The Satya brand is also called the "King of Incense". With this brand you are always in good hands when it comes to high-quality incense. Satya is produced in Bangalore in India. The brand only uses plant-based ingredients such as resin, bark, essential oil and herbs. Because of the traditional method and ingredients, you can smell the incense in Satya as it is traditionally burned in India itself.

You can recognize Satya by its simple packaging with the white-red logo.


Palo Santo backflow cones burning

Palo santo is a wonderful scent for after a busy day, or before during meditation. It is also a pleasant, soothing scent during creative activities. Light up a backflow cone as you are used to. Place a cone at the top of the backflow burner and light it. Blow out the flame and experience how the smoke flows down beautifully.

Backflow cones are a fun, original gift tip for incense lovers. With the Satya brand you are assured of quality.



Order Satya Superhit Backflow cones.

These backflow cones from Satya and many others can be found in our online wholesale. Mystic Dreamer has a wide range of fragrances 

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I motsetning til de 'normale' røkelseskeglene har tilbakestrømningskeglene et hult indre, hvor røyken strømmer nedover. Dette gir en magisk fossefalleffekt som i tillegg til den fine lukten også er vakker å se på. Effekten oppnås bare i kombinasjon med en spesiell røkelseholder, som vi også selger, se linken nedenfor.



These incense cones can be used along with a backflow burner to create impressive smoke flow displays. Goloka have been creating quality incense for over 16 years and part of their proceeds are given to charitable causes that help to provide meals for underpriviledged children and providing vocational training and scholarships. Please note that it is normal for backflow cones to take up to 10 minutes to create a smoking/mist effect when used with a backflow burner.

After burning backflow cones it is normal for a light oily residue to appear on the oil burner, for this reason we recommend protecting any furniture it is placed upon suitably. The residue can be easily wiped off the burner with a damp cloth. Please exercise caution when burning incense.


NB!  Brennere er ikke inkludert i pakken!  Kun vist som illustrasjon, kan bestilles her . Aromaburner NOT included in Packaging


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