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Self-hypnosis You can change your life - Cherith Powell og Greg


Self-hypnosis You can change your life - Cherith Powell og Greg Forde

Now available in compact paperback form with CD under the back flap, this classic self-help text shows how anyone can enter an induced hypnotic trance - completely safely! Written by two highly qualified and experienced hypnotherapists this book shows how in a totally relaxed state you can imprint powerful positive suggestions into your subconscious mind, which will continue to work in your waking life. There is no limit to the value of hypnosis: you can increase your confidence, think positively, manage stress, control your weight, and quit smoking. In short, you can change your life.

Paperback, 128 pages with CD


Read this book. Listen to the CD. The quality of your life will improve. Cherith Powell and Greg Forde, both experienced hypnotherapists and teachers of advanced hypnotherapy, show you how easy it is to use self-hypnosis - not only for deep relaxation but also for self empowerment. With the 'Self Hypnosis Kit' you will enter a self-induced hypnotic trance - completely safely. You can then imprint powerful, positive suggestions into your subconcious mind which continue to work in your conscious life. The applications are limitless, from helping you to increase your confidence and to think more positively, to managing stress, controlling your weight and even quitting smoking. Now you can take control of your mind and your life, and achieve, once and for all, all your personal goals.

About the Author

Cherith Powell is the Principal of the Atkinson-Ball College of Hypnotherapy and HypnoHealing which specialises in advanced training for hypnothrapists. She has a vast experience in teaching self-hypnosis, having run classes since 1986. She has also run courses in stress management and personal development. Greg Forde, an American by birth, first started practising hypnotherapy in 1967, while in the US forces. Over the years, he developed some of his own hypnotherapy techniques, mainly concerned with rapid inductions and short-term therapy. He is in private practice in Norfolk, England.


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