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Selwa - Choying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts

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Selwa - Choying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts

The second collaboration between producer/guitarist Steve Tibbetts and Buddhist nun Choying Drolma, SELWA once again frames beautiful Tibetan chants against a backdrop of dreamy electronic textures. The album is an interesting mix of styles; at times Drolma's peaceful voice is nearly unadorned, save some light strumming from Tibbetts' guitar. At other times the studio enhancements are much more evident in the form of down-tempo beats and ethereal (albeit slightly trippy) synthesizer effects. Throughout the recording a sense of serenity pervades due to Drolma's frail voice; her singing is reverent and mystical, filled with a sense of organic beauty that makes her a joy to listen to.

 1. Padmakara 
 2. Palden Rangjung 
 3. Vakritunda 
 4. Kyamdro Semkye 
 5. Gayatri 
 6. Song of Realization 
 7. Yumchen Tukar 
 8. Mandala Offering 
 9. Chenrezi 
 10. Chendren 
 11. Je Lama 


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