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Set of 7 chakra eco rapeseed wax scented candles-Duftlys


Set of 7 chakra eco rapeseed wax scented candles-Duftlys


Set of 7 scented candles, 100% vegetable ecological rapeseed wax in recycled glass. The candle is made in a traditional way in Belgium, with paraben-free fragrance oils. Biodegradable and therefore harmless to people and the environment.

Product specifications
Burning time 25 hours.
Non-GMO rapeseed from Germany.
Recycled square glass.

1st chakra cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger
2nd chakra cedar, rosemary
3rd chakra bergamot, grapefruit 
4th chakra lavender, orange
5th chakra wild rose, chamomile 
6th chakra lavender, chamomile
7th chakra patchouli, frankincense 

Rapeseed wax 
Rapeseed wax is made from rapeseed oil, contains no toxic ingredients and is not harmful to the environment. Quite on the contrary, rapeseed helps and protects the soil for future crops whilst the plant produces oil and animal feed. Also, the wax is non-hazardous to humans and wildlife and has a smaller carbon footprint than for example soy wax, as it is grown, and processed in Europe.


Size cm6x6x6
NB! Det er mulig å bestille enkelt lys også, men da er prisen pr stk kr 75,-.  Skriv i kommentarene hvilke du vil ha, om du ikke vil ha hele settet, så vil vi redigere bestillingen til riktig pris.


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