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Shamanic Incense Assortment 12 Cans


Shamanic Incense Assortment 12 Cans

Den mest populære shamaniske røkelsene kombinert i ett sett

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Shamanic Incense Blends - Assortment
The shamanic incenses are composed of natural plants which are collected by Himalayan shamans maintaining all criteria of purity.

1. Seven-herbs Dhoop - cosmic incense for centering
2. Lakshmi Dhoop - leads to inner richness
3. Peace Dhoop - soothes disputes, has a harmonizing effect
4. Remember Dhoop - strengthens the ability to remember, also past life incarnations
5. Tiwanee Dhoop - deeply calming, for meditation
6. Deva Dhoop - clearing, helps to get in tune with nature
7. Lingam Dhoop - -tantric yang -, aphrodisiac
8. Yoni Dhoop - -tantric yin -, aphrodisiac
9. Bokshi Dhoop - frees of damaging magic, encourages witches to be more lenient
10. Maha Dhoop - -admiration incense -, creates a connection to the inner Goddess
11. Ganga Dhoop - brings our energies in flow and strengthens our mental force
12. Sal - Shamanic means of traveling

total net weight: ca. 30 grams

 WARNING - This product has german lables only.


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