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Shanti - Snatam Kaur

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The compositions found on this album were derived from "Japji," a highly sacred series of texts written by Guru Nanak (First Guru of the Sikhs) that contemplate the link between God and man. Snatam Kaur will take your breath away as she gracefully chants each of these mantras, exposing the exquisite beauty beheld in each. These prayers are set against a backdrop of piano, guitar, sitar, harmonium, woodwinds and light percussion, and amount to some of the most poignant pieces that Kaur has performed to date. Reciting these passages can be a powerful method of connecting with the divine and experiencing meaningful meditation. Features guest artists Thomas Barquee and Domonic Dean Breaux.

Shanti blends Snatam Kaur’s otherworldly voice and traditional Indian instrumentation with such beauty and depth, listeners are spellbound by the angelic musicality. Combining sitar, flute, harmonium, and keyboards with Kaur’s voice makes this album unforgettable.

Track Listing
Ek Ong Kaar • Dayndaa Day • Aakhan Jor • Hariaa–Strength • Suni-ai–Listening Meditation • Suni-ai–Listening Celebration • Guru Ram Das–Healing • Ong Sohung


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