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Shivas Eye square shaped pendant

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Shivas Eye square shaped pendant

  • Shiva s Eye
    Shiva s Eye is actually made from the lid of
    the shell of the turban snail. At the end of the snail s natural life, this lid
    falls off, and sinks to the floor of the ocean, where it is later found by
    fishers and divers. One side of this lid has a spiral, and the other side
    creates the eye, which is usually colored from green to brown.
    There is
    something mystical and beautiful resulting from this whole process. It is said
    that Shiva s eye provides protection to the wearer. It symbolizes Shiva s third
    eye, which stands for wisdom, intuition, and also clairvoyance. The spiral
    symbolizes the dynamic power of the cosmos. It stands for growth, development,
    and extension. So, Shiva s Eye protects and guards its wearer, while it fosters
    growth and furthers development.

    Shiva s Eye

    Square pendant with one oval quartz crystal and one drop
    shaped moonstone.
    Width 15 mm, height 36 mm

    All our jewellery is made
    of 925 silver if not marked otherwise.


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