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Sigils of the Craft smykker - Witches Rune silverplated anheng


Sigils of the Craft smykker - Witches Rune silverplated anheng

The talimans of this collection support their wearer in his plans because they capture the magic power of the witches' sigils: The figure of the Ouroboros can be found worldwide, starting from Assyria up to the Nordic lands of the Vikings and it symbolizes transcendent duality as well as the eternity of the circle. This pendant is said to preserve health and to cause the regeneration of vitality - the Ouroboros is an ancient alchemical symbol, showing a snake which devours its own tail.

Elemental Power

Sigil charms, potent symbols of the Witches' skills, energise and empower the magickal intentions of the wearer.

Viking Runes spell Power Strength Freedom on one side and Earth Air Fire Water on the other. An alphabet and magickal system, the Runes, in a circle of infinity and eternity, summon Northern energy.

Each pendant comes with a silver-plated chain, purple gift pouch and explanatory leaflet.

Pendant: 1" diameter silver plated  ca 2,5 cm

18" link chain

Sigils of the Craft smykker

Produsert i Sterling Silver er disse uvanlige og veldig autentiske Wiccan-smykkene sterke symboler på Heksenes-ferdigheter og vil stimulere og styrke de magiske formålene til den som bruker dem. Hver Sigil of the Craft amulett kommer med et svart reim og presenteres i en smykke eske.


Et matchende sølvkjede kan bestilles i vår tilbehørsseksjon


Sigils of the Craft

Produced in Sterling Silver these unusual and very authentic Wiccan pieces are potent symbols of the Witches skills and will energise and empower the magical intentions of their wearer. Each Sigil of the Craft charm comes with a black cord necklace and is presented in a hallmarked jewellery box.


Esoteric Jewellery

The Power of Stars


The pentagram gives us the image of a person standing upright and is a symbol for harmony between the five elements of earth, air, fire, water, and ether. It is one of the oldest protection symbols - it vitalizes and strengthens the aura field.



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