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St Michael Relic - smykke anheng


St Michael Relic - smykke anheng

Lost Treasures of Albion

Albion, the ancient name for the British Isles, has come to mean all that is legendary in Britain’s history and landscape. The Lost Treasures of Albion charms are ancient Britain’s legacy, a reminder that past glory promises future greatness.

St Michael Relic The wings and sword of St Michael are enclosed in the circular torc, favoured personal adornment of Albion’s great warriors. St Michael is known as the patron of chivalry and is honoured by St Michael’s Tower at Glastonbury Tor and St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall. The St Michael Relic represents the knight’s code of chivalry and personal honour, a treasure for those dreaming of King Arthur’s Round Table and the quest for the Holy Grail.

All pendants come with a chain, gold satin pouch and comprehensive, explanatory leaflet in a cellophane bag.


  • Pendant Length: 1.75 Inches  ca 4,4 cm
  • Pendant Width: 1.5 Inches ca 3,8 cm

As the patron saint of chivalry, Saint Michael the Archangel has a common association with warriors of all sorts, most particularly knights. This St. Michaels Relic Pendant pairs his sword with his wings to create a charm for any warrior to proudly wear. This handsome pendant is similar in appearance to a winged sword, featuring the wings of the Archangel Michael, attached at the hilt to a sword that is ringed by a sacred torc, finished in dark, gleaming gold plating. The pendant is crafted entirely in fine, polished pewter metal, and it features an appealing orange crystal accent, set right into the hilt of the sword. It comes complete with a satin pouch for safe and convenient storage, as well as a matching chain necklace for wearing. For those who dream of knighthood, of chivalry and honor of warriors long-since passed, there is no better necklace to wear than this St. Michaels Relic Pendant, as it will remind all who see it of the angel of chivalry and all that he stands for.

Key Features:

  • A Part of the Lost Treasures of Albion Collection, by Fantasy Artist BRIAR
  • Pendant Depicts a Medieval Sword Flanked by Angels Wings and a Torc
  • Decorated with Gold Plating and an Orange Crystal Accent
  • Crafted in Fine, Polished Pewter Metal
  • Possesses an Impressive Level of Detailing
  • Comes with a Satin Pouch and a Matching Chain

Pagan and Celtic Jewellery - Albion Magic

Albion Magic is attributed to Merlin


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