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Tarotjournal - Kuan Yin Oracle Journal by Alana Fairchild


Tarotjournal - Kuan Yin Oracle Journal by Alana Fairchild

This deluxe illustrated journal by renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling author Alana Fairchild is your key to connecting and working with the energy of Kuan Yin, the beautiful sacred rebel of the East.

This oracle journal is filled with the teachings of Kuan Yin to help you nurture your connection to this extraordinary Buddhist goddess.

The 44 exquisite art reproductions of Zeng Hao interspersed throughout offer powerful visual depictions of Kuan Yin to help you tap into her sacred healing energy and explore her teachings through writing. Features premium quality, cream-colored, wood-free paper and a combination of lined and unlined pages. Deluxe paperback journals measure 7 x 9¼ with 220 pages.


Journaler for Åndelige & Spirituelle tanker og arbeid. Journalene kan brukes som et hellig rom for å fange din personlige vekst, til å reflektere over tankene dine, til å fangee dine kreasjoner og kreativitet, eller for å registrere dine innsikter.

Tarotjournaler er som et hellig sted som du kan trekke deg tilbake for å utforske dine følelser, søke svar på dine spørsmål, observere din forvandling over tid og skape indre helbredelse og vekst


Keep a record of your tarot journeys, magical workings or spiritual explorations in these luxurious journals. Your studies, readings, divinations and reflections are meaningful and deserve a proper home. The high quality, blank, creamy paper, intricate designs, rich covers and handy ribbon bookmark make these books sumptuous as well as practical.
For keeping a diary, capturing and interpreting dreams, as a notebook, for recipes or just as a decorative feature. This lovely book has 160 pages that are waiting to be filled with thoughts.

Keep a record of your tarot journeys and spiritual explorations in these luxurious journals, featuring high quality, blank paper and a ribbon bookmark..


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