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Tarotjournal - Starman - Journal


Tarotjournal - Starman - Journal

Journaler for Åndelige & Spirituelle tanker og arbeid. Journalene kan brukes som et hellig rom for å fange din personlige vekst, til å reflektere over tankene dine, til å fangee dine kreasjoner og kreativitet, eller for å registrere dine innsikter.

Tarotjournaler er som et hellig sted som du kan trekke deg tilbake for å utforske dine følelser, søke svar på dine spørsmål, observere din forvandling over tid og skape indre helbredelse og vekst

Inspired by the years-long creative collaboration between artist Davide De Angelis and David Bowie, the Starman Tarot is the must-have tarot deck of the year. Now the magic of the tarot deck is available as a beautiful journal. As a dream diary, sketchbook, or Book of Shadows, this handsome hardcover journal is the perfect place to record insights and experiences and it makes a perfect gift for those who love to write or draw in an attractive book that has real personality.

Keep a record of your Tarot journeys and spiritual explorations in these luxurious, high-quality journals, with white paper and a bookmark ribbon.

Intricate alchemical geometries decorate the Starman Journal, which also could be ideal as a notebook and/or a gift.

160 pages, 150x210 mm.


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