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The Myth Of Red - Sasha Lazard

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The Myth Of Red - Sasha Lazard

In the never-ending move to cross novel musical idioms, The Myth of Red has an air of inevitability about it. An ambitious fusion of opera arias, Russian folk tunes, and art songs with beat-driven electronic soundscapes, the album largely succeeds in bridging incongruous musical worlds. A gifted classically trained vocalist, fetching soprano Sasha Lazard lends her talents to 13 tracks inspired by or based on Rachmaninoff, Verdi, Saint-Saëns, "Ave Maria," and "The Incubus" by the notorious poet Charles Baudelaire. Nimbly aided by the production, programming, and keyboards of Frank Fitzpatrick and David Tobocman, the lovely violin of Lili Hayden, and production ringers DJ Spooky and Delerium, Lazard delivers a smooth, classy, and fairly sedate collection that will appeal more to adventurous classical and world-music fans than hard-core electronic aficionados. The Myth of Red succeeds most when it picks up the pace on tracks like "Forbidden Dance," "Awakening," and the slyly funky "Temptation." Not surprisingly, two of the best tracks are DJ Spooky's galloping "Battle of Erishkigal" and a remix of "Awakening" by the incomparable Delerium, an act whose depth of feeling and mystery Lazard and her crew seem to strive for but don't quite achieve. Fusing several centuries of music is no small task, but Sasha Lazard actually makes it seem natural, which is a testament to her talent, training, and choice of company. --Carl Hanni


Stabat Mater IXXI 4:28
Awakening 4:48
Ode To Innocence 4:45
Tell Me Why 4:51
The Incubus (Le Revenant) 1:07
Forbidden Dance (L'Amour Fou) 4:46
Romance 3:02
Temptation 4:19
Battle Of Erishkigal 4:24
Angeli 5:56
Princess Mononoke Theme Song (Mononoke Hime) 1:33
Stabat Reprise 1:23
Awakening (Delerium Remix) 6:54

Remember those ancient Greek myths and legends about beautiful sea sirens with voices so pure and enchanting they could lure unwary seafarers to their doom on the rocks? Well, if those stories were true I guarantee Sasha Lazard would be one of those mythic creatures.

'The Myth of Red' is an ingenious blending of mood and emotion all perfectly complimented by one of the most beautiful voices you'll ever hear. Some tracks are deeply romantic, others darkly spiritual and some medieval or Gothic. All are excellent!

This is a first rate production in every way; song selection, lush musical accompaniment and of course the amazing Sasha. If you're already a fan of Lisa Gerrard or Lorenna McKennit get ready to add Sasha Lazard to your list!


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