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turmalin sort fasettert ca 40gr


turmalin sort fasettert ca 40gr

Black tourmaline faceted point.

These black tourmaline points are hand carved one by one, the measurements are varied, depending on the weight and thickness of each one, being that the table that follows is orientative: 

40 grams Between 5 cm and 7 cm

Bildet viser eksempler på forskjellige størrelser, du får tilsendt 1 stk ca 40 gram

Due to its pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties, and according to crystalotherapy, black tourmaline has the ability to neutralize the harmful effects of the radiations that generate the electronic devices.

turmalin, sort
gni den for lykke og glede, aktiverer rot ckakra, gir mot til å stå på egne ben og stå for egne meninger, beskyttende, reduserer elektormagnetisk utstråling, reduserer jetlag, fjerner negative tanker

chakra: rot

More About Tourmaline
The overall energy of tourmaline evokes a sense of protection and grounding. It's commonly used in work to purify and protect a person's energy and for cleansing the aura. It wards off feelings of negativity, both in the physical and spiritual worlds, and helps promote a more positive and uplifting stance. Tourmaline can help remove energetic blockages in the aura and is great for balancing the chakras. Black Tourmaline is one of the great crystals associated with clearing negativity of all kinds including electromagnetic energy. It grounds you and helps release stress.



NB! Krystallene er naturlig, bildene er for ilustrasjon, størrelse, fasong og møster varierer. 

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