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varisitt- utalitt - variscite -utahlite


varisitt- utalitt - variscite -utahlite

oppmuntringssten, bringer håp og mot, velstands- og suksess sten, forløser uvaner og stress, meditasjonssten, øker intuitive evner og intellektuell kapasitet, hjelper deg huske tidligere liv

Chakra: hjerte


Metaphysical: Stimulate Compassion and Love for Others

Variscite is a Water element ally that encourages unity of hearts. It is a powerful activation stone for the heart chakra and can be used to stimulate one's compassion and love for others. It's energy can help unite disparate types of people through the common bond of love. Variscite can also allow one to love oneself more fully and recognize where their judgments of others are reflecting their own self-judgment and the conditions they have placed upon love.


Spiritually, Variscite helps one calm and center the mind, enhances one's conscience, and assists one in connecting with the frequency of Universal Love.



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