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Vindspill Bambus - Bamboo with Coconut Top 25cm


Vindspill Bambus - Bamboo with Coconut Top 25cm

Bamboo Windchime With Coconut Top 25cm

A traditional style bamboo windchime with a coconut top to decorate an outdoor area with natural charm. Add the soothing percussion of organic bamboo and a haven of tranquility is complete. Please note, the measurement of 25cm refers to the longest bamboo tube.

Size: 25cm

Bamboo, coconut

Hand Crafted In Indonesia

Care Instructions: Store inside during harsh weather conditions.


Our supplier faces challenges all too common for small, traditionally run businesses in Indonesia. While this type of business provides significant employment in outlying areas, they are given little support by the major financial services. Fair Trade contracts offer them a much needed lifeline to preserve a preference for modest living and traditional rural life.


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