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Wicca Gryte 11cm med Pentagram - Cast Iron Cauldron


11cm Cast Iron Cauldron With Pentagram

A small sized cast iron cauldron with pentagram design. Great Wiccan and Pagan item

This cast iron cauldron is suitable for both decoration and use. A pentagram is visible on the front. You can put this cauldron on an altar and use it for example to burn herbs. Both the cauldron itself and the symbol on the front are known by lovers of (nature) witchcraft and spirituality. Because of the small size of this cauldron you can easily put it anywhere.


The origin and meaning of the pentagram

The pentagram is one of the oldest symbols in the world. You see it often coming back on all kinds of (spiritual) objects and in stories, films and books. The precise meaning of the pentagram can differ per culture or subculture. The word originally comes from the Greek and means "five lines."

In nature witchcraft or Wicca, the pentagram stands for faith and for the five elements. These elements are water, fire, earth, the sky and the mind. The symbol is also associated with the five senses, namely: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling.

The pentagram is sometimes confused with the symbol for satanism. However, the sign for satanism (belief in the underworld) is different from that of the wicca pentagram. The difference is the middle point of the pentagram: with wicca it points up, and with satanism the point points down.


Use cauldron to burn herbs

One of the things that this cauldron is very suitable for is smudging. Smudging is the burning of herbs to make contact with the spiritual world. In this way you can free yourself and your environment from negative energy. This cauldron is perfectly suited for smudging in terms of size and offers a refractory surface. You can burn pure herbs in the cauldron, or incense cones for example.

It is best to remove the lid from the cauldron while burning herbs. Otherwise, not enough oxygen is added to the flame.


Other tips

This cauldron is made of cast iron and is therefore relatively heavy. Cast iron is a durable and classic material that has been widely used in the past.

Always dry the cauldron when it has come into contact with water. If a cast-iron product stays wet for too long, it can rust.


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