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Wicca Smykke - Astral Senses Wiccan Amulet Necklace


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Wicca Smykke - Astral Senses Wiccan Amulet Necklace

This Astral Senses wiccan amulet features a circular, pewter pentagram charm accented with 6 gems strung on a sturdy, black cord. Its clear crystal promotes mental relaxation, amethyst aids the stomach, peridot aids the heart, aquamarine aids the throat and lungs, emerald aids the liver and garnet aids the blood. Useful for protection and bringing health and harmony to the body.

Made from fine pewter, these Wiccan amulet charm necklaces are great gifts for anyone with a fascination for all things magic


NB! bilde nr 2 er kun for illustrasjon av hele smykket inkl remmen


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