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Wings 2 Return to Freedom - 2002

With every new 2002 release,
you can always rest assured that you will be absorbed in a fascinating
dreamscape that uplifts as it soothes. If anything, WINGS II - RETURN TO FREEDOM
takes these qualities to a new level. The music here is bright and whimsical
with a strong sense of airy serenity. The album is heavier in the atmosphere
department than previous releases, with less emphasis on vocals (the vocals here
are wordless and well integrated into the shimmering backdrops). In fact, the
album is one of their most ambient to date, featuring synth atmospheres that are
dense and lush, like a warm bed that you can easily curl up in. Besides the
billowing synths, some piano and 2002's characteristic reverberated guitar come
into the picture. Very relaxing!


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