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Ying Yang - Magickal Charm anheng


Ying Yang - Magickal Charm anheng

Inner Harmony and Personal Growth

Symbolising the union of the Male and Female Principies, this ancient Chinese protective Charm is worn for Inner Harmony and Personal Growth.

Faithfully reproduced from the Key of Solomon Talismans and Medieval Amulets in the Warsaw Museum, these unusual brass and copper amulets are presented with their traditional attributes described on the display case.


Gamle symbolerEt utvalg av gamle magiske og historiske symboler fra de største kulturer og religioner i den antikke verden i form av dobbeltsidet messing anheng. Hvert anheng er pakket i en fin papiremballasje, med imitert skinnkabel og en brosjyre, som forklarer dens betydning


Symbol of Life and Balance of the Extreme Forces

Yin-Yang (Symbol of life): a Chinese symbol of Taoist philosophy, a symbol of eternal existence and equilibrium in all the universe, due to the balance of the opposing elements Yin and Yang. White Yang - the masculine sign: active, day, symbol of heaven from which life came down, the endowing fertility, power of creation, domination, activity. Black Yin - the feminine sign, passive, night, symbol of Mother Earth from which life springs, birth-giving fertility, destruction, dependence. Symbol of life existing due to the balance of opposing forces. Restores health and energetic balance of the organism.
Size (cm): Diameter: 2,5


Ancient Symbols

A selection of old magical and historical symbols from biggest cultures and religions of the Ancient World in forms of double-sided brass pendants. Each pendant is packed in a nice paper packaging, with the imitation leather cord and a leaflet, explaining its meaning.



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